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Essential Desserts for Every Occasion

One of the biggest challenges for many people when trying to eat healthier is eating dessert. Some people eat nothing but desserts, while others can’t imagine eating a dessert without a piece of chocolate or candy. Everyone can agree on though, that no matter how much they love desserts, they need to make them a little healthier to indulge and enjoy without feeling guilty. This is where desserts that are more than just a sweet treat come in handy. They’re simple to make and can be a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the calorie bank.

Desserts for All Occasions

No matter what you are cooking, dessert has its place on the table. Whether it’s for a dinner party or a family get-together, there’s rarely a reason to skip dessert. And if you’re having people over for dinner, that means it’s time to whip up something special. For example, you can serve custard tarts or pieces of baked ricotta cake on silver trays. Wouldn’t that be mouth-watering?

Here are some of the essential desserts for every occasion:

  • Pecan pie – The pie has been a cornerstone of American eating for centuries, and now more than ever, people are getting back to basics with classic contentment baked into many of our favorite recipes. And for a good reason, the taste of a fresh-baked pie crust mixed with sweet fruit filling is an experience like no other. Yet, many people would rather fill their pie crusts with bacon, pecans, and caramel sauce instead.
  • Chocolate Cake – This dessert is indeed the best option from all the available cakes out there. Well, cakes, in general, come in a variety of flavors. So if you are not much a fan of chocolate-flavored desserts, there are vast options that you can choose from.
  • Banana split – this is very easy to make and very delicious. Banana split pie is often served as a dessert is also loved by kids and adults. This recipe can be made for any occasion, from a dinner party to a birthday party.
  • Tempura ice cream – This is an ice cream of what many people think of as the “traditional” ice cream flavor profile: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. The combination of the different flavors and the egg yolk makes the ice cream more creamy and luxurious. The base of the ice cream is the tempura batter. This batter, which is made of tempura flour, tempura oil, and tempura soy sauce, can be used for a wide variety of foods, as you can see in the pictures.
  • Peach cobbler – There is nothing more delightful than a fresh peach cobbler, and for many people, this is a dessert that is eaten on special occasions as well as for everyday meals. Peach cobbler is usually served alongside other desserts such as ice cream or chocolate cake, but you should try to come up with some delectable variations if you are eating this dish every day.
  • Blonde brownie – this dessert can be found in the dessert section of most supermarkets. They are easy to make and relatively cheap to buy. You can make them in the size of your choices, such as mini or bar. These delicious treats go well with a variety of desserts and drinks, especially when served for special occasions.
  • Turtle cheesecake – Though it sounds like a dessert that’s best suited for children, this recipe doesn’t have many ingredients, and it shouldn’t take long to mix together, let alone bake. But it’s important to remember that while this is a classic dessert, it’s a dessert that’s perfect for any time of the year, including holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Apple turnover – Apple turnover is an essential-and often overlooked-a dessert that can be served at any time during the year. This tasty treat is great for any occasion, from a casual tea party with your best girlfriends and family to a special dinner party for just the two of you. No matter how big or small your gathering, apple turnover will get the job done.
  • Cinnamon rolls – are a classic American dessert that all but everyone can agree on. If you’ve never had it, prepare to be amazed when you do- especially if you’re new to baking. All you need is a basic, easy-to-follow recipe and a little bit of patience for a tasty treat that you can eat again and again.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into baking or are just looking to eat some delicious foods. Certain desserts are essential for every occasion. Whether you want to impress a date, share a delicious dessert with your family, or just want to reminisce, there are hundreds of sweet treats to choose from.

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